Model United Nations 2017-2018

As part of the diplomacy course and keeping up with the tradition of attending an annual MUN conference abroad, a group of 7 students from 10th and 11th grade had the opportunity not only to visit the beautiful city of Maastricht from Holland, but also to attend a university MUN, between the 10th and 13th of May 2018. They had the great opportunity to be part of a wonderful experience, which motivated them to pursue their dreams of becoming future diplomats by having the chance to interact with university students from all over the world at EUROMUN 2018.

It all started as a rollercoaster of great events even from our first day of arrival in Maastricht. We were introduced into a new environment - the university life- and our students showed great interest in all the discussions with the students attending the conference. It was a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and learn interesting facts from the interaction with students from different backgrounds, who chose to study in Maastricht.

At the Opening Ceremony, which took place on the 10th of May 2018, we were delighted to listen to wonderful speakers, who tackled the issues of international politics and technological developments. During those three days of fruitful debates in three different committees, such as: the European Parliament, UNHCR and the Council of Europe, our students took their roles as diplomats in earnest and represented their countries’ interests with success. They were highly appreciated by the organizers and they managed to stand out due to their rich experience in debating and exceptional Public Speaking skills.

Apart from the MUN experience, they had the possibility to come in contact with the Dutch day-today life, by sightseeing in the evenings and getting an insight in the multicultural lifestyle of the people from Maastricht – the heart of Europe. Our students also spent some extraordinary times at various touristic attractions nearby the city center and got a glimpse of the nightlife in Maastricht during our stay at the conference.

Nevertheless, the diplomacy conference ended with a distinctive closing ceremony, where our delegates were endorsed as great future speakers and professional conflict solvers. EUROMUN had an innovative spirit by bringing new innovations to the world of Model UN conferences and by bringing to the table a host of new ideas and concepts to further the evolution of Model UN conferences.

Here are some impressions our students shared after the amazing exchange trip to Holland:

“I had an amazing opportunity of attending EUROMUN 2018. I represented the Kingdom of Norway in UNHCR (United Nations of High Commissioner of Refugees). One of the things I liked the most about this unique experience was spending time with amaizing people, whom I can proudly call my friends and teachers. Overall, apart from debating over crucial issues regarding refugees, I managed to get to know my friends and teachers better. I am glad I had the opportunity to participate at such a great university –level MUN and to discuss about the current or possible matters this world is dealing with.

Antonia Grosu X R

“My trip to EUROMUN 2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands, was an enjoyable experience. Being given the opportunity to represent Italy in EFDD in the European Parliament, I could discuss, along with 74 other delegates from all over the world, two highly important topics of today’s European political life: the European Arrest warrant and cybersecurity.I could draft ammendments, propose motions for formal discussions and present fruitful speeches. Apart from the MUN experience, I also had the chance to visit Maastricht- one of the most picturesque cities and largest university centers and Liege. I hope to be able to attend similar diplomacy events in the near future as it opened us various perspectives towards new fields of study.”

Matei Vladescu X U

 “ EUROMUN 2018 was the conference which proved to me how important cooperation and team work is. It showed me that it was not only about the academic purpose, but it was also about meeting new people and sharing ideas.I came to EUROMUN with one goal in mind: to learn as much as I can and I can only say that this conference taught me both the information about the topics I have debated upon and an important life lesson: not to aim for the prize, but for the values and the positive gain you can benefit from when it comes to such amazing experiences.I am definitely looking forward to participating in further MUN conferences, especially international ones, as EUROMUN was one of the best MUN I have ever attended.”

Irina Melesteu X R

Prof. Diana Gombos                                                                           

Prof. Marilena Vilciu