Model United Nations 2017-2018

For the sixth year in a row and for the first time in the Romanian - American University, the Lauder-Reut Educational Complex organizes the diplomacy conference LAUDERMUN 2018, which will take place between the 8th and 11th of June and plans to bring together over 150 students from different high schools in Bucharest. This diplomatic event is held in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Romanian Diplomatic Institute and the UN Youth Association from Romania.The core organizers of this event,Robert Stefan Mihnea Macovei, Maria Progloff and Alina Niculae are working hard in order to create fruitful debates at LauderMUN 2018 conference.

Here are some impressions from the organizing team of the LauderMUN 2018:

“Working on the sixth edition of LauderMUN has made us feel a bit nostalgic towards previous editions, so this is a small retrospective of how everything had started. In the beginning, there was only a spark of some creative minds. Our students loved the idea of hosting our own MUN, and soon enough, the simple spark was taking shape into a great event. Training for MUNs had also been fun for us, as our senior students, Cojocaru Diana and Bogdan Udroiu, hosted a MUN club, sharing their knowledge with the ninth graders. After its first edition, we have learned from our mistakes, and tried to improve it as well as possible for the following years. Since the second edition had gone really well, we invited, for the first time, in the third edition, other highschoolers who shared our MUN fever. The fourth and fifth editiin came with new challenges, which we succeeded in overcoming. It went incredibly successful, so once again this year, we are inviting you to take part in building a greater future for ourselves. Your voice matters!

Below you can find some impressions from Robert Stefan, the Secretary General of LauderMUN 2018:

 This year's edition of LauderMUN is going to be special, and for this to happen the LauderMUN team has worked day and night, face to face or via skype to make sure nothing is going wrong. Nothing was perfect from the start, but quite quickly we have learned to work together and organize ourselves better. However, there have been several problems and obstacles that we encountered, fortunately we managed all of them, well... most of them. The crisis committee is "la creme de la creme" of LauderMUN 2018, using a whole new structure which will make a delegate's and even chair's experience unique. As the Secretary General of LauderMUN 2018 I am looking foreward to meeting everyone!”

However, during LAUDERMUN 2018, participants will play the role of delegates representing the policies, interests and objectives of a state in four simulated bodies of the United Nations, namely: DISEC, SOCHUM, UNODC, SPECPOL, CRISIS and Security Council. During these three days, they are responsible for the legal and political decisions of the state they represent, decisions that will be reflected in the resolutions that they will adopt during the committee sessions. Therefore, in each committee session, participants develop specific activities of the simulated decision-making body, such as: giving speeches and supporting state positions, engaging in discussions and debates with other delegates, negotiating resolution provisions and forms.

This edition aims at bringing simulations of committees that were not present in previous years, such as SPECPOL or UNODC.

In conclusion, LauderMUN 2018 is a great opportunity for our students to put into practice their Public Speaking skills and also develop and improve their debating and diplomatic skills. We can’t wait to the challenging and fruitful debates of LauderMUN 2018, which promises to be an even greater event than the previous ones as our intentions are to have a brand new and exciting structure, making the Lauder MUN 2018 experience unforgettable.