The Weizmann Institute of Science Our Illustrious Partner Within the Math Cathedra,2011

weizmann1Starting with the second semester of the 2009-2010 school year, Lauder-Reut Educational Complex has initiated a partnership with the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science from Israel.

     The first stage of the partnership implementation consisted in the participation of the students from the secondary school to the program Math by Mail.

     A real challenge for those interested in and passionate about this subject, Math by Mail was a big success and raised interest in Israel, Canada and The United States of America and now is present in Romania as well.

     The students from Lauder-Reut Educational Complex who manifested their interest in the Math Club, Math by Mail, received a set of booklets which contain various "recreational" math topics (Sudoku, Mathematical Operators, Pascal's amazing triangle, Tic Tac Toe, Prime numbers, etc) which cover all age levels from the 3rd to the 9th grade.

     The participants send their answers by e-mail and receive feedback from the teachers of the Institute. At the end of the school year, in the context of a context suggestively named “Treasure Hunt”, the students who received positive feedback throughout the year, received medals and will be invited to join in the Mathematics International Camp, organized by the Institute In the school year 2010-2011, cooperation with the Weizmann Institute will be extend with  the Science by Mail program, the Shalheveth  Freier Physics -Safe Cracking Tournament and the Science Camps.

     You can find bellow more details and a complete description of the Weizmann Institute –Lauder-Reut programs.