The Lauder Reut Young Researchers –in Science Camp at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel 2013

Already a yearly tradition- this year our study trip to the Weizmann Institute of Science took place between 13-19 of April 2013.

mainwThirteen students (5th, 6th and 7th grade) and 5 teachers – Cristina Păunescu, Marilena Vîlciu, Ioana Rill, Claudia Voicu and Yaron Darmon – have participated to this visit.

Not only that we enjoyed the real experience of Israel - from ancient history to the latest technology, from the nature conquering to the modern architecture, from -200 m to +1000 m, from the Holocaust tragedy to the joy of the Independence Day, from the drama of some people who fight with the darkness and eternal silence to their humor which provoked laughter through our tears, but...

In the Weizmann Institute of Science, our students had the opportunity to interact with well known scientists and experts in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Ecology – who directly involved them in different experimental activities and initiated the children in the mysteries of research work.

With the help of an unusual interactive relation student-teacher,  innovative methods and key-questions, both our students and teachers shaped and played with polymers and glass, studied special microscopes, solved puzzles of the mind, ate ice-cream made from liquid nitrogen, launched rockets made by themselves (out of soda bottles!). Through highly attractive experiments, all our students

understood the laws of physics; also, the tour in the Garden of Science and all the activities from Mini-Ecosphere had a great impact on them.

We hope that all our students and colleagues will enjoy the same unique experience in the years to come.

Biology Teacher, Cristina Păunescu
Computer Science and Mathematics Teacher, Marilena Vîlciu